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    Influencer Partner Portal - Get paid for sharing our videos

    How does our affiliate program work?

    1. Sign up to our affiliate portal. (100% FREE!)
    2. Download our ads, captions, etc and your unique referral link.
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    How do I get started?

    It couldn’t be easier to get started!

    Simply sign up for a partner account here.

    Once you're inside your affiliate dashboard, everything is ready for you!

    We've spent countless hours creating all the videos, story posts, captions, hashtags, ad copy, everything you could possibly need to promote our stuff.

    Simply copy and paste our material to your followers... and get paid for it!



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    You’ve put all the time and effort into building your online following, but what now?

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    We hand select the best products that your followers will love and entice their curiosity with cool videos that will showcase their appeal.



    What type of affiliates work with us?

    Anyone with a following of people interested in pets, that's it!

    We work with both micro influencers (500+ followers), 

    And we also work with bigger scale influencers too (500,000+ followers)

    If you have over 50,000 followers, please contact us at partners@thelastcable.couk to see how we can best collaborate. 😀


    How much does it cost to join?

    It’s completely free!

    We also supply you with all the links, captions, hashtags, videos, story posts..

    We give you absolutely everything you need to it's basically a COPY + PASTE job to earn money with us 😀

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